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Hi! I am a polymath with special interest in the nexus of art, technology and spirituality.

I am passionate about the philosophy and practical application of these three hallmarks of the human experience. Where do they intersect and overlap? How can they be applied to inspire, educate and heal?

Living a values-based lifestyle is very important to me. I deeply care about the impact of my actions on other people, animals, the planet and beyond. These are critical considerations in my work.

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Computer Technology

I have a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering and 5+ years professional experience creating websites, software applications and interactive tools.

Some of my specific technology interests include:

  • Application Design & Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Information Systems & Data Structures
  • Data Visualization & Simulation
  • Algorithms & Automation

View some of my open-source projects below. Ask me about consulting/contract work for your web design/development project.

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Interactive Examples

Times Table Geometry Simulator

Times Table Geometry Simulator

Play with Tool
Futurist Playground Abundance Values

Values Diagram

Explore Model

Visionary Art

I frequently experiment with different artistic mediums, styles and themes. I enjoy pushing the definition of art through algorithmic generation and machine collaboration. I aim to use art as a medium for helping inspire a global paradigm shift in consciousness toward an abundant state of being.

Some of my specific art interests include:

  • Sacred Geometry
  • Algorithmic/Generative Art
  • Pen and Pencil Drawing
  • Photography and Editing
  • Digital Animation
  • Writing (blogging, poetry, short stories)
  • Piano Composition
  • Curation/Ideation

To see selected art prints available for sale visit my online store below. To see more projects visit my curated art portfolio and blog - Artopia. Or, follow me on Social media.

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